Our Sister Concerns


Agrocom was established in the year. It comprises Turkey, Pigeon, Rabbit & Fish livestock farms. There also consists cultivation of various fruit trees, viz, Papaya, Lemon, Orange, Pomegranate, spicy green chilies, mint &lettuce leafs.

Simultaneously, one can enjoy a relaxed boat ride. on the pond during free time which is restricted to company staff & visitors, on permission from the concerned authority.

In addition to the above, Agrocom provides sports & games for children like Badminton, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Chess, musical chairs & others.

Chittagong Autos

A new concern of Buildcom commenced its Automobile services on the 1st January 2020 with its location at Humayun Rounabout (Chottor), Kadamtali, Sylhet.

The company personnel consist of exceptionally skilled & experienced Mechanics, Technicians & Workers, having 20 years expert knowledge in this line

The following type of works are carried out:

Engine, Cylinder Boring, Valve repairing, Head Cutting, Connection Bush Repairing Crankshaft Re-Grinding, Differential Tuning as well as different engine works.

This company is your trusted service centre, on the whole.

Chittagong Sea Fish

With your blessing, we are happy to inform you that, a new showroom named CHITTAGONG SEA FISH (a sister concern of Buildcom) has been commercially inaugurated in Sylhet from 3rd February 2020. For all residents of Sylhet thereby materializing the dream and hard work of our founder president to fulfill the demand of Sea Fishes & Chittagonian Cuisine to the people of Sylhet.

In addition to the above, we also wish to offer mouth-watering Chittagonian delicacies like the traditional Dry Fish items to our kind brethren of Sylhet.

Accordingly, we hope & pray that this establishment can cater to the needs of our countrymen as pledged and we seek your continued blessing for its grand success in the future.

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